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Let's get moving! Download the game on Google Play or the App Store.


You can learn more at the official Ingress site. There are also video tutorials on YouTube.


Ingress is better as a team.  Working with other agents, you can build bigger fields, farm better gear, and become part of a global victory.


If you are at least 18 years old, you can join the local Silicon Valley Community on Slack by clicking the Join button and following the directions.  


Ingress is a global game, and every agent helps to defeat the Resistance. While you can play on your own, you can also participate in local farms and events such as Ingress First Saturday or Mission Days.  You can also attend XM Anomaly events with agents from all around the world and fight the Resistance in real time.  Find out more at


Our Ingress History


What's the benefit of joining Silicon Valley Enlightened?  

  • Meet other local players and learn about the game

  • Attend local farms - events where 8+ players meet to build level 8 portals for better gear

  • Be a part of something bigger - help to build megafields, attend XM Anomaly events, and make the ENL stronger.


By joining Silicon Valley Enlightened, you're part of the history of Ingress.  On December 12, 2012, Enlightened agents in the bay area built the first level 8 portal in the world.  The portal was The Gates of Hell, a Rodin sculpture on the Stanford University campus.  This night marked the first time 8 level 8 agents came together to build level 8 portals.  Visit the portal in person  or on intel at,-122.170774&z=17&pll=37.432501,-122.170774.


In 2013, Enlightened teams in 5 major northern California regions, working in concert overnight and over 15 hours, blasted links through 3 major metropolitan areas, cut through the ocean side cities and out across the water to the top of The Lost Coast. 1,041km of links lit up an Enlightened control field you could see from the intel world view. Read more about Operation [Redacted] on the blog.  The op was just the beginning of a long history of impressive green fields over the bay area and all new players are welcome to join us - there's nothing like the adrenalin of throwing a field with precision coordination and agents spread miles and hours apart across the map!


California Enlightened agents have won 13+ Ingress XM anomalies in a row through teamwork, strategy, and commitment. We hope to see you in person at the next one.    




Ingress resources

Just learning to play?  There are many great resources out there to learn more about the game and strategy.​


Must be 18 or over to join our Slack team.